Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale BJ Penn Defeated Pulver By Rear Naked Choke

BJ PennThe Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale winner is BJ Penn over Jens Pulver in the Pearl at the Palms Las Vegas on June 23, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada real estate.

BJ Penn knocked Jens Pulver off balance with his first punch, and then a take down moments later. This didn’t play good for “Little Evil” early in the mixed martial arts fight. Pulver does well with his defense standing back up, but Penn takes him right back down. Penn passes Pulver’s mounts. Penn tries an armbar and spinning Pulver gets away. Penn uses a triangle but Pulver escapes. Pulver is in Penn’s guard and pushes up against the cage in the Octagon. Pulver uses an elbow and Penn brings the mma fight back to standing position. Penn is likely to be the winner for the first round on the scorecards.

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Penn goes for the early takedown in round two of the Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale with a half guard. Penn works hard, but Pulver defends until Penn in 90 seconds into the round mounts. Penn lands some great shots and Pulver give up on his back. BJ punishes him and doesn’t go for the choke right away. Pulver gets back onto his back giving a few punishing shots. Pulver gives up and Penn uses the rear naked choke and is the winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship fight. You could see the intensity on Penn’s face as he chokes him for a little longer than after the referee had stopped the match. After he let go he checked in on Pulver. Was he trying to teach him a lesson with this extra choke? Source: NBC

BJ Penn is the winner by submission due to rear naked choke.

UFC The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale Results

BJ Penn winner by Submission at 3:12 in the 2nd round by rear naked choke
Matt Wiman winner by Technical Knock Out at 2:09 in the 1st round.
Nathan Diaz winner by Submission at 0:20 in the 2nd round by shoulder injury.
Gray Maynard vs. Rob Emerson ruled no-contest, Round 2
Leonard Garcia winner by Submission at 4:22 in the 1st round by rear naked choke.
Thales Leites winner by Submission at 3:50 in the 1st round by side choke.
Cole Miller winner by Technical Knock Out at 1:10 in the 1st round.
Joe Lauzon winner by Submission at 2:09 in the 2nd round by triangle choke.
Roger Huerta winner by Technical Knock Out at 3:30 in the 2nd round.

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The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale wnner is BJ Penn over Jens Pulver by rear naked choke.

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