Upfront Condos In North Las Vegas Sit Unfinished Due To Foreclosure

Upfront CondosUpfront condos in North Las Vegas real estate sit unfinished due to a developer foreclosure.  The mid rise condos along Centennial Parkway look abandoned with half completed buildings, broken windows and an empty pool.

About 18 months ago units started closing for condo buyers at Upfront.  Since then only eight of the total 75 units have closed.  The foreclosure that set in on the condominium developer stopped the opening of the clubhouse with fitness center and a pool.  Everything has remained unused and the pool unfilled.

Blue Marble Development, based in CA and the same developer of Paxton Walk in North Las Vegas, would like to make apartments out of the abandoned condos.

The project was destined to be a hip place to live with modern architecture, wonderful view of the mountains painted with a dark red exterior.

Many buildings at the mid rise complex remain in varying degrees of completion.  Approximately one third have barely started with three other buildings never started.

The few residents that moved into Upfront since Jan. 2007, they noticed tradesmen not finishing jobs on neighboring condos.  More and more contractors didn’t show they knew it wasn’t a good sign.

There could be life for the project in North Las Vegas.  The new developer would like to rebrand the living spaces as apartments named Uptown condominiums.

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Upfront condos in North Las Vegas sit unfinished due to foreclosure.

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