Minus 5 Ice Lounge Coming To Las Vegas At Mandalay Bay In September

Minus 5 LoungeMinus 5 Ice Lounge is coming to Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay in September.  This is the first permanent location of completely frozen lounges.  The Minus 5 Group company is based in New Zealand.

Guests visiting this unique experience in Las Vegas will be outfitted in winter gear including sheepskin booties, gloves and parkas.  The lounges will be kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  The 1,300 square foot lounge is lined with refrigerated wall panels covered in ice to keep the walls, sculptures, glasses, chairs and bar frozen.

The very “cool” company is making its home adjacent to the House of Blues at Mandalay Place.  The nightclub build out cost is $3 million for 4,000 square feet.  Guests will stay warm in the sub freezing temperature while wearing parkas.

Adjacent to the frozen bar is the “warm room” where patrons eat snacks and drink before their $30 dollar, 30 minute experience.  You’ll receive a vodka or non alcoholic drink with a maximum of three due to the cold effects on alcohol.

This is the largest installation Minus 5 has ever completed.  They are making this club in Las Vegas, NV their prized US property.

A real estate broker in Los Angeles, CA is assisting Minus 5 with their commercial locations across the country.  Expansion for the company includes New York, New York and Miami South Beach.

Call 702-505-6988 for VIP real estate mls search with a real estate broker.

Minus 5 Ice Lounge coming to Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay in September.

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