Hip Hop Jay-Z’s 40/40 Upscale Sports Club In Palazzo Closes Its Doors

40 40 Club Las VegasHip Hop Jay-Z’s 40/40 upscale sports club in Palazzo closes its doors.  The rumored closing news by blogs and gossip columnists of the eight month old Las Vegas club was finally announced this week.  After the grand opening of the Palazzo Las Vegas Strip hotel in January many wondered of the company’s success.

The flagship New York City celebrity gathering place was the original 40/40 Club that opened five years ago.  The Las Vegas property is an offshoot of that club.

Can you believe a hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada doesn’t have a sports book?  We’ll the Palazzo Las Vegas has a very small window for wagers near the now defunct 40/40 Club.

The 40/40 Club is a reference to an exclusive list of baseball players, including Barry Bonds, who have 40 stolen bases and 40 home runs in one season.

Las Vegas Sands Corp. has paid an undisclosed amount in a buy back for the 24,000 square foot space from hip hop music artist Jay-Z.  The hotel will convert it to a specialty restaurant and a large space sports and race book.

If you wish to visit the club it will close towards the end of September and the Las Vegas Sands sports and race book will open the end of 2008.

Jay-Z expects to expand his club to as far away as Tokyo, Macau and additional parts of the US.

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Hip Hop Jay-Z’s 40/40 upscale sports club in Palazzo closes its doors.

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