Mirage Las Vegas Volcano Reignited Tonight With Fire Effects From WET

Mirage Las Vegas Volcano reignited tonight with fire effects from WET, the same water design company that made The Fountains of Bellagio hotel a reality.  The previous volcano’s pyrotechnics received a $25 million makeover to entertain tourists for the next 20 years.  It has been closed for renovation since February 2008.

The video is a behind-the-scenes look into the interviews with team members of The Mirage Volcano project.  You’ll find the design process and the most up-to-date techniques used from the most sought after water design firm.  The Mirage hotel casino in Las Vegas, Nevada has contracted with Indian musical virtuoso Zakir Hussain and the music from Grammy Award-winning Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart.

Mirage Volcano

VIP introduction this evening at the volcano event was started by Mirage’s president Scott Sibella along with emcee Terry Fator.  Fator is the newest $100 million performer for the casino giant and will start his career in two months.  Robbie Knievel was on stage for promotion of his New Year’s Eve motorcycle jump over the Mirage Volcano.

Mirage volcano Fire

Mayor Oscar Goodman started the party with an introduction to the heart pounding explosions and 900 degree fireballs during the first eruption.

The fire performance is a handful of minutes and ends with a bang.  Regular performance will start on the top of every hour.

Mirage Volcano Reignition

The special finale tonight was a fireworks display choreographed along with the lava from the volcano.  We could feel the heat in the audience.  Las Vegas, shake, rattle and roll!

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Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas reignited tonight with fire pyrotechnics from the design firm WET.

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