Star Trek: The Experience May Move To Neonopolis Downtown Las Vegas

Star Trek The ExperienceStar Trek: The Experience may move to Neonopolis downtown Las Vegas.  After the Star Trek attraction left the Las Vegas Hilton on Sept. 1 its existence was grim.  The more than decade long running attraction included weddings, museum and rides.  Now Ferengi and Klingons may be able to rejoice.

Trekkies thought their experience would forever be closed.  Yesterday, mayor Oscar Goodman, told others that Star Trek: The Experience would go downtown with the help of Neonopolis developer.  The outcome should prove interesting, since the mall on Fremont Street, has been under financial difficulties and not producing the foot traffic expected.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and Neonopolis developer Rohit Joshi say the defunct Star Trek: The Experience attraction at the Hilton is moving downtown.

If it works it would be the biggest resurrection since Mr. Spock reanimated on planet Genesis — both for the Experience show and the troubled Neonopolis development.

In order for the attraction to travel downtown, CBS Consumer Products, owner of the rights to the Star Trek name, would need an agreement to license the intellectual property, rides and costumes to Joshi.  Previous license holder for the Las Vegas Hilton was Cedar Fair Entertainment Co.

Once the attraction garnered millions of visitors for the food, fun and rides.  The real estate developer is banking on he same interest for downtown.

The move will not be so easy.  The mall will need to be redeveloped to accommodate the museum, rides and restaurants.  Is this type of investment wise or capable during these current economic conditions?

In about seven months a new “Star Trek” movie will be released and be newer than ever creating an older than ever looking attraction.  Fans have stated it needed an update to keep interest.  The developer hopes to merge the new movie and the original TV series from the 1960s.

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Star Trek: The Experience may move to Neonopolis downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

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