Daredevil Robbie Maddison Completes 2008 NYE 100 Foot Jump In Vegas

ESPN’s Red Bull motorcycle jump, “New Year No Limits” TV spectacle, performed 2008 New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas by 27 year old motorcyclist Robbie Maddison.  News of the event was seen around the world. Many fans around the world were following the jump on the internet, live on ESPN 360 and of course witnessed live on the Las Vegas Strip.  Thousands of fans and stunned onlookers who lined the Strip watched the death-defying leap.

The jump was to involve the Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas.  He needed to travel at a very high angle.  Similar to sticking a golf ball near the pin, to make it to the top.

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The Arc de Triomphe at the Paris Las Vegas hotel is 10 stories tall, or 100 feet high and stick the landing pad that is only 40 feet deep.  Robbie decided that he needed to go at 54 mph in 3rd gear to reach the top.  He couldn’t have landed at the top any more perfect than he did.  He crested at about 108 feet.

There are a lot of mathematics and calculations to complete the Red Bull energy drink jump in Las Vegas NYE.

Robbie sky rocketed into the air and nailed the landing at the top on the sweet spot of the Arc.  Now considered the hardest part of the jump was the way back down from 100 feet up in the air.  He took a few seconds to look down and contemplate his amazing feat.

Next, he checked the bike to make sure it was in the correct gear and made the 50 foot free fall below seem like it was another easy decline.  The impact of the landing was intense, but Robbie was able to continue, even though he tore the skin on his hand from the impact.  As a true professional he completed the task.

At the point of impact there was either a jammed thumb or it was caught cut the clutch.  10 stitches were necessary, immediately after the jump, near his thumb to mend his tear.

He’s broken many bones before and this little setback will not stop him from near future feats of amazement.

He went higher than anybody has ever gone before and successfully returned to terra firma.  He must like Las Vegas because this is his second time, one year to date, that he’s completed his death-defying feats.

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Daredevil Robbie Maddison complete 2008 NYE 100 foot jump in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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