UFC 85 BEDLAM Matt Hughes Vs Thiago Alves Has Alves Winner By TKO

Thiago AlvesUFC 85 BEDLAM Matt Hughes Vs Thiago Alves has Alves winner by TKO. Saturday night at the O2 Arena, 15,327 mixed martial arts fans watched as Thiago scored a second round win over the former Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champion.

Alves was fighting on a heavily taped and sprained right ankle, but was able to overtake the mma champ.

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Matt wasn’t the original fighter for the welterweight fight. Two main UFC events didn’t happen because of an injury. Alves was unable to make weight and fought at 175 pounds he said due to his injury.

Right after the ball rang in the Octagon, Alves wanted a standup game and Hughes wanted a takedown. Matt was successful the second time. Alves hit Hughes in the head and drew blood from his nose and returned to his feet. About 2:30 into the round Hughes brought Alves down with him while controlling from the top. No real moves happened but Hughes was working over the injured UFC fighter. As the bell sounded, Alves struck back with ground strikes.

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The second round started with a knee to Hughes’ head. The resulting blow started the blood from Hughes as he landed on his back. Before the fight resumed to their feet, a couple of ground striked were presented by Alves. Hughes was unsuccessful with another takedown immediately followed by a flying left knee that hit Hughes square. The force knocked him to the canvas. Her Dean, Ultimate Fighting Championship 85 BEDLAM referee stopped the fight at 1:02 of round two.

History hasn’t been good for the future Hall of Famer. Hughes has lost three of his last four fights and plans for one more time in the Octagon against Matt Serra.

Hughes falls to 43-7 and Alves improves to 21-4.

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UFC 85 BEDLAM Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves has Alves winner by TKO.

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